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Packing Dos + Don'ts

Truth be told, I spend a lot of time thinking about packing and a lot of time planning it all out in my head well before my departure date. It’s not uncommon for me to start the packing process a month before my trip. I absolutely love it, and to me it’s part of the fun of going on holidays. 

I am aware not everyone thinks like this, and everyone has different methods when it comes to packing bags. I have one close friend who leaves it all to the very last minute and generally ends up forgetting to pack any of the essentials - including underwear, toiletries, and one time any spare clothes. We are definitely polar opposites when it comes to packing! 

Whatever your packing practise is, I wanted to share my dos and don’ts when it comes to filling your case. 


DO pack planned outfits 

This is my number one tip. It will reduce the number of items you pack in your suitcase, allowing more space, plus it will save time at your destinations as you won’t have to make any decisions on what to wear. There will also be no last minute packing regret, realising you have nothing to wear with your favourite skirt! 

Think about what you have planned while you are away, and work out what outfit is required. I run though each day and night in my head and think about what would work and also what I might feel like wearing in that situation - whether it’s a day by the pool, a business meeting, or a day of sightseeing. Lay it all out, pare it with accessories, and make sure it goes with your bag and shoes…more on that to come! 

LuxePacker loves Spell Designs for gorgeous outfits to travel with.


DON’T pack single wear shoes 

Don’t pack a pair of shoes if there is only one outfit in your case they are going to work with. My rule goes like this - one pair of going out shoes, one pair of sandals, and one pair of runners. The going out shoes should be a neutral colour so they go with everything, the sandals need to look equally as good with a dress for dinner as they do with a pair of jeans, and the runners should work for fitness training, a day of shopping, and with your airplane outfit as these are what you should wear on the flight. Shoes take up way too much valuable space in your suitcase so be smart and practical when it comes to footear (please note this does not mean they should be stylish - of course they should be!)

LuxePacker loves Shoes by Lana Wilkinson - comfortable shoes that go with everything.


DO pack travel sized beauty products

I know we all have our favourite daily beauty products and it’s tempting to add all our regular items into our toiletry bag, but they add a lot of weight, take up a lot of room, and before we know it half our luggage space is gone! These days I have converted to travel sizes of everything. From shampoos and moisturisers, through to perfumes and mascaras. Start collecting the sample sizes that so many stores now offer when your purchase the full size - or simply get yourself some reusable containers and transfer your favaourite products into them. I actually leave my travel beauty products in my toiletry bag permanently now, so they are ready to go when I head away - one less thing to think about! 

LuxePacker loves Meraki organic beauty products to travel with - available at www.luxepacker.com.au


DON’T pack multiple hand bags

Like with shoes, we can end up with way too many bags if we are trying to match a different bag with each outfit. Your evening clutch might be perfect with the new dress you packed but if it’s then going to end up back in your case not being used it’s just not practical.  Instead go for a bag that has a detachable shoulder strap that can be worn as a clutch by night, or cross body bag by day. Another to tip is to make sure your Carry on bag has a dual purpose. Mine also works perfectly as a shopping bag, beach bag, or when I need a larger back to fit everything in for the day. 

LuxePacker loves the Sojourne Book bag and Cross body/ Clutch bag - available at www.luxepacker.com.au


DO pack enough pajamas and underwear 

With limited laundy facilities, it’s important to pack enough of the essentials to get you through at least a week without having to wash. For me, that means two pairs of pjamas - I usuallly pack one long sleeved pair and one short pair as it’s hard to predict the aircon situation. With underwear, a black bra and a white bra should cover you, and enough undies for each day and night - so for 7 days I would suggest 14 pairs. It may sound like a lot but better than having to rinse them out in the shower. 

LuxePacker loves Sleepy Dee- sustainable Australian made sleepwear.

DON’T pack multiple jeans 

Jeans are heavy and take up a lot of room. So choose your most favourite, most comfotable, most versatile pair.  You should be able dress them up or down. To be honest I aways pack a pair and rarely end up wearing them, but they are a good practical piece to take away, and I would stll suggest adding one pair to your case. 

LuxePacker loves AJ jean, the more you wear them the better they get. .

DO Enjoy the packing process

Think of the fun and exciting times ahead and savour the lead up because before you know it, it will all be over!

If you are lucky enough to have room leftover in your luggage, don’t make the mistake of filling it with unecceasry items that you don’t need. It’s so tempting to start throwing in ‘back up clothes’ but don’t fall for this trap.  Leave room for shopping instead! 


Happy travels x