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Pack Like a Pro

Pack like a Pro

As you might have guessed, here at LuxePacker we love a well packed bag. Our products are centred around function and style, and are intended to help you stay organised and comfortable on your next holiday. Here are some of our favourite solutions to help you pack perfectly and travel in style. 



Packing Cubes 
These are a game changer when it comes to packing your bags! Packing Cubes create more space in your luggage, make it easy to access your clothes, and keep your bags neat and organised. Once you arrive at your destination simply place the cubes in a draw or wardrobe and you are instantly unpacked!


Travel Essentials 
Our range of travel essentials are designed to make your journey easier, while looking stylish. Travel in comfort with a Bamboo Alpaca Travel Shawl that doubles as a pillow. Keep your passports and documents safe with our Passport Holders, and ensure your toiletries are organised with our range of Toiletry Bags.  


Travel Organisers 
Once you have used our assortment of travel bags, there is no going back. Keep your luggage organised and know where everything is at a glance. We have bags for your shoes,your under wear, your bathers, your dirty clothes, your wet beach stuff - even a bag for your hair straightener